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The Quartering
Julius Adam (1852-1914)
The Quartering
Fine Art Postcards VD 270

Company History

1912 Heinrich Vontobel establishes the printing company H. Vontobel & Co. in Meilen, Zurich.
The first colour postcards are printed in Switzerland using new techniques developed by Vontobel.
1929 The company moves to Feldmeilen.
Photochrome-offset-lithography with up to 12 operations allows high quality art printing.
1971 H. Vontobel & Co. changes its name into Vontobel Druck AG; construction of the new building for reproduction and printing at the current domicile.
Dynamic development of publishing activities in the field of art under the leadership of Gottfried Brütsch.
1992 Separation of printing and publishing activities - Registration of Vontobel Fine Art Publishing House Ltd. in its actual form.
1999 Elisabeth Schärer succeeds Gottfried Brütsch to become Managing Director of Vontobel Fine Art Publishing House Ltd.